Update on Our Savings Goal for Maternity/Parental Leave

I felt it was time I updated you all on my previous posts about saving for our maternity and parental leaves in the spring.  We are currently only missing just over $2200 of our savings goal.

We plan to finish this difference mostly from a third paycheque I get in Feb ( I get paid every two weeks) and our tax refunds. Then with the new tax changes on my TD1 form and a salary increase for me it is looking like we should easily exceed our saving goal now.

So the question becomes, what to do with the extra cash?   At first I had lots of ideas of how to use this money, but in the end I’m going to just hang onto it as cash for now.  I rather like the idea of having a little extra stored away just in case things don’t go according to plan.  If it turns out I don’t use the money I can always dump it into an RRSP account later on.

One thought on “Update on Our Savings Goal for Maternity/Parental Leave”

  1. That’s a good approach. Whenever I have extra money it’s easy to think of lots of ways to use it that would feel good – of course I mean paying off debts and investing, not buying a new tv 🙂 I usually decide within a week instead of months, but I always start by looking at the deadlines for each option so I know how long I have. If the tax savings of the RRSP do more for you than a year’s investment returns you have lots of time to decide.

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