Sometimes I Think My Husband Is Totally Nuts (Or Maybe Not)

 As promised here is the second guest post from my wife, this time she talks about our spending.

Okay, I’m married to a personal finance blogger and I don’t actually want to kill him every time I go to buy something. But it wasn’t always this way.

When we first got married, it took me a long time to understand Tim and how he spends money. Me, I’m more of a spender, but I’m a good spender. You give me a finite sum of money to buy clothes with (for myself or our son) and I will see exactly how many items I can get, I hit the sales racks with glee. Tim on the other hand will not spend anything for six months and then announce he’s going to buy a laptop.

This difference in spending styles used to drive me nuts until we sat down one day and discussed it. Then I realized both ways were valid. He spends his way and I spend mine. The trick of it is to sit down and discuss it so you don’t feel guilty about your spending habits. Case in point, I have never had to hide a pair of shoes I bought, nor have I ever felt compelled to.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I Think My Husband Is Totally Nuts (Or Maybe Not)”

  1. LOL, I’ll have to show this post to my wife who could relate to your exact experience. I’m typing this post on the new Boxing Day laptop 😛

  2. I have a feeling that Tim and I have similar spending habits. I too don’t (very often) buy clothes for myself, but happened to buy a laptop during boxing day sales.

    The way I justify the purchase is that I consider it a business expense. 🙂

  3. That’s good…

    I think my wife and I are the same way, and perhaps many guys have that type of spending style.

    By the way, it’s funny that you mention that as I have been thinking of buying a laptop as a business expense.

    Happy New Year to you both and to your family!


  4. My whole family is like this and that’s what I grew up with.

    We’d do bulk shopping and we could go on months without buying toilet paper or shampoo, etc.

    I think it just got to be a habit with me as well in other aspects of my spending.

    I haven’t gone clothes shopping for awhile but when I do, it’s quality. And over the years, I’ve amassed a very nice wardrobe. Form fitted classics never go out of style. Always elegant and killer 😉

  5. question: do you and your husband pool your incomes, or are you completely split financially?

    I get the impression you operate with pooled income, as my wife and I do. This seems completely natural to the both of us, but other couples say the split income method is completely natural to them.

  6. Dave P

    Yes, we pool our income and have since we got married. I agree with you in that it is totally natural.

    I also went Boxing Day shopping and I have to say our son scored the best deals. I did quite nicely myself buying maternity clothes, which as those of you with wives expecting know can be rather pricey.

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