Christmas Vacation Plan

Yes it is the season for vacation again folks. The good news is with good old WordPress here I’ve got a batch of draft posts ready to go for the time I’m off, so you will still get posts for most of the holidays.   Except for Christmas day where you should be spending it your family or friends instead of reading blogs (ok, if your stuck by yourself or don’t celebrate it you can read blogs, but that’s it). The bad news is I’ll have limited access to the internet so I may take some time to respond to your comments.

Enjoy your holidays everyone and try to enjoy all your gifts especially the non-material ones.  I know I got one special one earlier this week.  My wife had an ultrasound so I got my first good look at our baby.  Is it too early to say that the kid is cute already? (As you can tell I love those 3-D images).

Best wishes to you all and may your lives be rich in all those things that matter most to you.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation Plan”

  1. FT,

    It takes the weird looking image you get in the 2D and maps over a approimation of what you would ‘see’ if you were looking at the baby’s face in real life 3D. So it is rather cool to see what the baby has good features or not. Hence my comment the kid looks cute.


  2. Nice you got to see the baby before Christmas! We go in a month or so, I have no idea if it will be 3D or not, but we hope to find out if it is a girl or boy. I like to plan ahead 🙂 Have a great Christmas.

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