The Dark Side

Learning more about personal finance is usually put into the light of being a good thing, yet it does have some drawbacks. So let’s have a look at a few signs you’ve joined the dark side of personal finance.

  1. You may know more about your local tax laws than your accountant. I discovered this one day while reading some obscure passage from Revenue Canada’s website about a where and when a particular deduction applied and then used it on my taxes. It was perhaps more disturbing to discover I was right.
  2. You develop an irrational like of calculating numbers. This sign is most obvious to others unless you are an engineer, where this is often considered normal behavior. Be warned you might also find yourself learning how to use Excel’s more obscure features.
  3. You mistrust your bank. Most people actual like their banks somewhat. Yet after a while you might find yourself demanding no fee chequing and a high interest savings accounts (with no fees) and wondering when you should start switching to another discount broker (since $30 a trade can hardly be called a ‘discount’) and not to mention those high MER fees on your mutual funds.
  4. You really mistrust your financial advisor (if you still have one). If you have one you might find yourself hours pouring over your statements and then interrogating the poor fellow for an hour over the phone about every transaction he did in the last quarter. Then you might get truly mistrustful and just invest in index funds yourself.
  5. You develop an over sized ego. This is likely the worst place of the dark side and it happens to everyone at least once. Well at least until you run into something else which wakes you up to realizing you still don’t know volumes of things about taxes, investing in options, second mortgages or how to cut your kid’s hair.

In case it wasn’t completely obvious this post was written in the name of having a little fun. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have an idea to expand the list, please share.

This post is now part of the 132 carnival of personal finance.

6 thoughts on “The Dark Side”

  1. You have a category in Quicken named Income:Found_Money to account for change found and picked up on the street.

    You are doing income tax returns for so many relatives taxes that you (1) have to buy extra returns for your tax program and (2) are considering declaring the income from the token gift they give you on your own return.

  2. Hey! Nothing wrong with having a healthy respect for the power of Excel and its fancier abilities. Nothing I say! Really, I need to know how to use it for my job. Just because the most complex formulas I’ve ever written are for my personal finances rather than in the name of science, doesn’t mean that I’ve joined the dark…okay, maybe it does.

  3. CRG,

    I love that those. Thanks.


    I never thought about that. I will be able to stick it to the Man a bit more next year after the baby arrives. Thanks! *grin*


    Perhaps we should start a support group for that? Hi, my name is Tim and I’m an Excel addict.


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