The New File System – Final Update

So after a long road I’ve reached the end of my public declaration about creating a new file system. Overall I’m fairly happy with the results the file system itself is easy to use and it is set up in such a way adding new folders has been an easy job. My wife even likes the system and realized we were missing a few folders, which helped clean up some of her paperwork piles.

Yet even as I still struggle to clean up my previous ‘To File’ pile I feel better about everything. I’m no longer nervous about seeing that pile, but rather determined. I will finish cleaning this pile up and then I will be done the majority of the work on the system. After that all we have to do is keep up with the incoming paperwork.

I’ve also finished switching my water bill over to auto payment, so now all my monthly bills come up of my account with no action by me. It rather freeing to realize I can leave my house at any time and it doesn’t matter for how long, since all my bills will be paid for me regardless of I’m there to open them.

The only items I’ve failed to complete were switching over my power and natural gas bills to electronic versions. Yet I don’t feel entirely bad about that. I’m got a bit a snow bank in front of one of my meters and I’m been putting off moving it aside so I can read my meter number and setup the accounts.

So in the end this project really isn’t over. It will continue for some time, changing and evolving to our current needs as required. Yet it did accomplish one major thing that I really wanted. I’ve changed how I view my paperwork. I don’t hate my paperwork anymore, rather now it’s just something that need to be done.

Thanks for following along during this project everyone. Your support and feedback really helped me get my butt in gear to deal with this.

5 thoughts on “The New File System – Final Update”

  1. Auto Payment for Water Bill

    … if you have a water meter, and if your home plumbing develops a slow water leak, one you don’t notice, your bill will climb. Keep tabs on the consumption on the bill, otherwise you risk getting a big surprise with your auto bill payment one day. Toilet leaks are the most common cause of this sort of thing. You can hear them during the night when the house is quiet if you listen while …well you know.

  2. Mike,

    You can either setup automatic withdrawl with you companies directly or if the bill is always setup the same, set up a payment with your online banking.

    CM – I always look at my bill totals before they come out. I perfer to keep the money in my hands in case they make a mistake. O, I know about the toilet leaks. I’ve got an old one upstairs that does it once in a while. Ironically I can hear better in the basement right beside the main drain pipe than in the bathroom.

    lulugal11 – Thanks I missed that one. Should be fixed now.


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