Well Isn’t That Just Stupid

This last weekend I managed to do something so incredible stupid it almost takes my breath away. I had just got a gift card as a present and then managed to drop the thing in the parking lot on the way out by accident. Can you just hear the sound of me losing $80 in a few seconds? I didn’t even realize I lost the thing until I got home.

Well this leads to a very complicated story, which I will summarize here. I went back to the store to see if they could cancel the old gift card and hopefully I could get some of my money back on a new card (I still had my receipt). The clerk I was talking to said she could look into it, but I likely won’t get a new card (if at all until Monday). After all a gift card is really the same as cash. If you lose $80 cash, you know you are likely never going to see it again. As I’m talking to the clerk another one comes up asking me a question “Was it a card for $80 with a holly pattern on it?” I turned to her in surprise and said “Yes”.

She then proceeds to tell me she recalls someone coming in earlier asking her to check the value of a gift card, which was for exactly $80. So she recalled it as being unusual, since most people checking gift cards have the remaining value on them such as $4.78 or $32.90. She then checks their records and finds someone had picked up my gift card within two minutes of me buying it. Yet it gets better. The lady who found the card had also made a large return, so they actually have her name, phone number and address on file.

Needless to say I actually have a tiny hope at this point that I might get my money back. So the clerks tell me to head home and they will see about cleaning up this mess. I get a call a few hours later. They had found the lady and she wasn’t sure if her husband had used some of the card, but she agrees to cover any of the difference so I can get my money back. So long story short, I actually got my money back on a new card.

So today’s lesson is this, even when you do something so stupid you think you will never get it sorted out, I suggest you try to fix the issue. You might just hit those one in a million odds and actually have it turn out for you and restore your belief there is some goodness left in humanity.

4 thoughts on “Well Isn’t That Just Stupid”

  1. Go buy lottery, you were extremely lucky

    At least there is still karma in this world, and somewhat-decent people (at best they could have returned the card, or worst case denied finding it)

  2. Actually my luck is rather weird. I can’t win cash with it. It seems to be a limitation of some sort. So I get lucky in other little ways that I rather prefer in the end.


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