The New File System – Update #3

Today is the day, I was supposed to have my new file system in place and running. I do have the file system in place yet I’m a bit sad to report I have yet to finish cleaning up all my old files. This part of the process is taking a bit longer than I would like.  It seems to me that there always seems to be something more urgent than cleaning up those old files.

So rather than feel sorry or disappointed in myself I’m going to just fix the problem.  I’m going to sit down tonight and clean up as much of that pile as I can.   I may not clean off all of my old pile, but at least I can try.  Then there is also one other outstanding problem with the system.  My wife hasn’t clean up her daycare related files yet, so that is another issue that will have to be worked on tonight.

Overall I found this process of reporting back to everyone useful for me.  It creates a little motivation to keep working on a short term goal.  So if you doubt the power of writing down a goal I would suggest you give it a try.  You might be surprised how far that can take you on changing your life for the better.

3 thoughts on “The New File System – Update #3”

  1. It is tough, actually. My file system is about 75% in good shape, but we don’t do nearly a good enough job of purging it, so it’s often cluttered with outdated information.

    Good luck! I think writing down goals makes them seem more real and more important, too.

  2. Mike and Brip Blap,

    Thanks for the support. I know it’s hard, but if I keep at it that ‘to file’ pile will be gone soon.


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