The New File System – Update #2

So another week has past and I’m a bit sad to report I haven’t made any huge leaps this time on my new file system. I’m still just chipping away at my old filing trying to bring it under the new system, but I hit a roadblock when I ran out of file folders. I went shopping this weekend and pick up some extra folders so I’m ready to keep working this week.

Perhaps what I’ve noticed I’m lacking in my new system, is a method to handle incoming paper to the house. I currently tend to just add it to the ‘To File’ pile which just keeps growing since I don’t get around to filing. I’ve been trying to file some things as soon as I’ve finished looking at them, but only with some limited success in the last week. Yet after I cleaned up my ‘To File’ pile to about half it’s current size I’m walking into my study feeling more relaxed. I’m didn’t realize I was getting tense every time I walked into that room just because I dread dealing with my filing and the associated mess around my desk. So I want to come up with a good method to deal with the paper work as it comes in, any ideas?

I’m currently leaning towards I have to process paper every day when it arrives, otherwise my pile will just come back when I’m not looking. Yet I’m not sure how to handle those items I need to deal with before they get filed. Perhaps I need an action bin?

I’ll keep working away for another week and keep you all posted on what’s new next Monday.  Thanks for all your help everyone.

2 thoughts on “The New File System – Update #2”

  1. Tim, we are going through the same problems with our filing system, the pile of “to be filed” stuff, the feeling of dread.

    We’re going to follow your lead and work on our system as well. I think part of the problem is that regardless of what system you use, it has to be complete so that when you have something to file – you can quickly and easily file it. If you have to search around and create new folders everytime you file something then it becomes a huge hassle and hence the big “in box”.


  2. Mike,

    I’m happy I’m not the only one with this. Yet I’m trying to make a little progress each day with it. Even if I just file a few sheets more, it makes the pile smaller.


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