Winning Other People’s Prizes?

Ok, this is fairly weird. Well at least to me it is. A long time reader, who recently started her own blog, entered a contest on another blog, Brip Blap. She won and then picked a prize that benefited me as a present for this blog’s birthday. So now I’m getting some fairly shameless and completely unexpected advertising over at Brip Blap.

So a big thank you to Guinness416 for the very unique blog birthday present!

Therefore to any new readers to this blog please enjoy yourself and I encourage you to leave a comment on the birthday post for a chance to win $50 gift card.

4 thoughts on “Winning Other People’s Prizes?”

  1. Yeah, sorry Tim, I meant to give you an emailed heads up but life interrupted …. my little blog is something mostly friends from home read, I figured someone who blogs about personal finance could better use the prize … and it happened to be your anniversary, so there you go! Hope it sends a few readers your way.

  2. guinness is a re-gifter!

    I kid. 🙂 Very kind gift from another great blogger. It’s a very nice crowd, this PF blogger group.

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