Five Tips to Saving Money on Holiday Shopping

Ok, I admit it. I’m one of those highly annoying people who gets their holiday shopping done about a month in advance. Why? I really hate shopping in large crowds. All those stressed out people packed tightly together just gives me a headache. Since I’ve been doing this for a while I thought I would share a few tips that have worked out well for me.

  1. Plan ahead. Decide now who you are going to be buying for and then pick your total budget number now. That way you will be less likely to overspend by picking up last minute gifts for those you forgot about.
  2. Start a gift exchange. Family is a great one to start this with. I’ve been doing it with my siblings and their spouses for a few years and it saves a fortune. Besides it means we can all spend more time getting that perfect gift for the kids, which enjoy it more.
  3. Stop trying to please everyone. Do you really need to get your kid’s teacher a gift or the kid who delivers the paper? Some people take giving gifts too far. Keep it to those you really want to and just forget the rest.
  4. Homemade can be great.  Some of the most appreciated gifts I’ve given out were gift baskets full of homemade items like candles and hot chocolate mix.
  5. Stop looking at price tags. Sometimes the perfect gift will be well under your budget. Don’t feel bad over it and don’t try to spend the entire budget amount for each person. Some people I really under spend on, but they love the gift, so who cares.

That’s my list for holiday gift giving.  Hopefully that helps you out with your own shopping.  If you have another idea, please share it by leaving a comment.

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