Career Limbo

Not too long ago my company was approached with a buy out offer. Currently that is still be evaluated but it goes through I’ll be seeing a new offer of employment. What really gets me about this entire situation is the statement “Generally all employees will be at the same level of compensation or higher after the buyout.” Can anyone tell me the weasel word in that sentence?

Hint, it is the first word. Meaning they can have exceptions or don’t have to follow this little statement unless they want to. So I’m basically stuck in limbo waiting for an offer to find out if I want to start looking for another job or not. The good news is I’m suppose to get some more information today.

Other complications of all this is my new pay cycle would be different (every two weeks instead of bi-monthly), slightly different benefits and I’m not even sure what class of worker I’m going to be in the new organization yet (so in some cases I’m not sure which benefits will apply to me). Overall I’m just confused and frustrated that I’m stuck in the dark.

I’ll apologize now if any of my comments/posts have had a bit of an edge to them lately, but this fustration has started to leak out into other parts of my life.  I’ll keep you all posted on how it turns out.

6 thoughts on “Career Limbo”

  1. Forget apologies.. that kind of situation would get the best of all of us. Take your time, look at all the options and do your best to ride out the storm gracefully. There’s always the opportunity to come out with something better as well!

  2. Well that went surprisingly well. I finally read most of the documentation and I realized something very interesting. I’m getting the same overall compensation, yet I’m now working 2.5 hours less a week. So it’s like getting a 6% raise, but in time rather than money!

    I love how things work out. Now I just have to figure out the pension plan.


  3. Congrats! I was going to suggest starting job hunting (so you’d have that option in your back pocket during negotiations), but I guess there’s no need 🙂

    Its always funny when companies get aquired, one of their biggest assets is their workforce, then the acquisition shakes up the company and a ton of people leave (which is great if they’re the poor performers, not so good if they’re the super-stars).

  4. Seems to me… that unless your company has some valuable agreements with a third party, or they own valuable real estate or whatever, that makes it attractive, the new company is buying the employees with their knowledge, reputation and experience… because without them there is nothing to buy. As long as your at least an average employee your likely very safe.

    All problems are learning experiences and opportunities in disguise. Not that I always saw them from that point of view!

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