The Top 5 Things Blogging has Taught Me about Personal Finance

As we are getting closer to this blog being a year old (in just over month), I’m being a little reflective on where I’ve been and what this crazy hobby of mine has taught me about personal finance.

  1. Learning new things is always a good idea. From this blog I’m learned significantly more about operating my own website, economics, bonds, day trading, and the US tax system. All of which has been very useful to improve my own bottom line.
  2. To improve things takes work and dedication.  Writing five posts a week hasn’t been easy.  At one point I did seriously consider giving it up.  Yet I kept at it and now things are improving.  That lesson has helped me to stick to plan to keep my spending low and keep working on a plan to retire at 45.
  3. Sometimes you have to just ask.  After interviewing several authors and fellow bloggers I’ve learned that it never hurts to ask for an interview.  Sometimes you will be surprised who will agree to one.  This also applies to talking to your bank, insurance company or service provider.  You might be surprised when you ask for a better deal.
  4. It’s ok to beg or borrow sometimes.  Whether you need a post idea or a help installing your new flooring.  Talk to your friends or readers and sometimes you will be surprised what can help you out.
  5. It’s alright to disagree.  I’ve had disagreements with bloggers and readers over the last 11 months.  All of which has helped me deal with my wife when it comes to personal finance.  At the start of the this blog she had no interest in it.  Now she actually reads the odd post and is trying to get a little bit more knowledge of personal finance.  She doesn’t agree with every idea I have which helps keep my level.  So disagreements are good.  Learn from them.

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