Net Worth – Oct 2007 Update

It’s that time again. Yes it’s Halloween, so enjoy all those kids on a sugar high ringing your doorbell! Meanwhile here’s some numbers and graphs to get you ready for all those brightly coloured costumes.

House $299,000
RRSP $14,000
Old Work Pension (LIRA) $12,100
New Work Pension $3700
Wife’s RRSP $6000
Wife’s Investment Account $8200
High Interest Savings Account $3200

Mortgage $144,900
Line of Credit $0

Therefore my net worth now stands at: $201,300. Overall an increase of +$4900 or 2.5% from my last check up.

Ok, I’m a bit overly happy I’ve officially broke the $200,000 mark. Perhaps what is most interesting about this update is the fact I’m almost one year from my first net worth post, where I started off from $66,000. To be fair I forgot about my old pension plan in that first post, so it should have been $76,500. Yet that is still a 163% increase, which was largely driven by a housing boom in Regina. But even if I take out the house value increase I’m still up 21% in a year. Or for those who love graphs, here’s the story (click on them to see a larger version).

Net Worth Oct 2007

Net Invest Oct 2007

Your Health in Retirement

Since I was sick yesterday I obviously spent some time thinking about my health in general. I don’t do too bad looking after myself, but I know I have a way to go on a few things. This becomes much more serious as you enter your retirement years since the damage you do to your body now may be with you for the rest of your life.

So here are some of the things you should be doing to keep your health now and in the future:

  1. Sleep. Perhaps the most overlooked thing for most people is making sure we get enough sleep. After all without that it becomes hard to function and by cutting your sleep short you also cut short your body’s natural regenerative process. It’s also a bit of a personal thing. I don’t function well on less than 8 hours, others can pull off with 6 hours of sleep. The point here is to not cheap out on your bed, pillow and bedding. You want to be as comfortable as possible while sleeping, so spend the money on it (after all I spend more time sleeping than working in a year).
  2. A Balanced Diet. I think everyone has those weeks where you feel like it is too much effort to eat right, but we still have to try. So keep your house full of fruit and veggies and keep out the pop and chips. It’s easier to eat better when you don’t have much choice in the matter. Another good idea is taking a multi vitamin daily, which just helps cover you for those odd items you don’t seem to get in your diet.
  3. Get some Exercise. Exercise does get a bad reputation for some reason. People just assume you have to go to a gym for it. That’s not true at all. You should be able to get exercise around your house or yard with some chores and perhaps going for a walk once in a while. The point is to get off your butt and do something.
  4. Relax. Stress can literally be a killer for many people, so it is important to deal with it in a healthy fashion. Each person has their own means to deal with it, but for me personally I find I need some time to myself each day.  Other common methods include meditation, yoga or other exercise, a bath or playing with your kids.
  5. Have regular appointments with your doctors.  Half the battle on most things is early detection, so when you think something is wrong please go see your doctor.  Do not just ignore it.  You could be losing years of your life by avoiding a doctor.

Well that’s my list.  If you think I’ve missed something please leave a comment.