Pay! What do you mean pay?

I’ve had the rather good fortune to get a free ride to work for almost a year now. That just came to a crashing halt. Through a series of unfortunate events more horrible than those suffered by a trio of orphans I’m now faced with having to pay to get myself to and from work. Here are my options on what to do:

1) Take the car. In this case I would get to and from work quickly, but the costs would include parking downtown for over $100/month plus increased gas usage.  Not to mention increased maintenance costs.

2) Take the bus for $57/month. Cheap, but I’m stuck on a schedule and it takes longer to get home.

In the end I’ve decide I’m going to go with #2. Why? The lower cost is good, but I can also get a bus pass and use a tax credit to further reduce my costs. As well, having someone else doing the driving means I can get some reading done during my longer commute.

I’m aware I’ll also have some waiting at bus stops in the freezing cold winter, but on the really bad days I might just break down and use the car.

7 thoughts on “Pay! What do you mean pay?”

  1. I used to take public transit every day and loved it, I was able to read or work on the ride. Now with the tax credit it is even more appealing.

    Unfortunately I stopped; while living in Calgary transit usage went up and service seemed to go down. I could no longer be assured a comfortable place to read (I’d even stand to read, but you have to be reasonable), not only that but I couldn’t even be assured a spot on the bus! I’d had times where I saw three buses pass buy me too full to stop.

  2. I’m a public transit rider myself (in Edmonton). The extra “free” time to read, write, listen to podcasts, think about nothing, etc is something that I would have a hard time giving up. The odd time I do end up driving to work just throws me off for the day.

    Taking the bus isn’t really about money for me, but not having to buy and maintain a second car is a pretty big plus. More space for working in the garage.

  3. I have to share this. Now by a series of fortunate events I know have a new ride to work with someone who is refusing to take any money for it. I’m not sure how long this will last, but I’m happy I’m so lucky!


  4. What kind of people give out free rides without expecting to share the price of gas at least? (Surely not financially savvy people). How’d you get so lucky twice?

  5. Like wc, I hate public transportation. In Montreal the service has been degrading quickly and becoming more and more expensive.

    I’ve opted to bike to work since it’s cheap, healthy, reliable, efficient and fun!

  6. Telly,

    I don’t know how I’ve lucked out twice. I’ll think I’ll still pay them in a few free lunches per month.


  7. There is no transit to my workplace and my girlfriend and I recently went down to 1 car. I have a motorcycle for some days in the summer, but I started cycling to work. Its a good workout, about an hour each way, and my company has decent shower facilities.

    Its something I’ve been doing for about a year, at least 3 days a week. I’m in better shape, its a free/forced workout, and while not free, much cheaper than driving, probably cheaper than transit, and good for me and the environment.

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