Musing on Life, the Universe and Everything

On Life: My brain seem particularly slow this morning. It all started out last night when I woke up feeling a bit cold. I assumed I had just lost some sheets and proceeded to roll over. It occurred again and I rolled over. Then after I woke up I walked down stairs and I realized my house is FREEZING. Alright I know it was going down to -5 C last night, but there is no reason for my house to be THIS cold first thing in the morning since I turned on my furnace before going to bed.

Yet I get to the furnace control and see 16.5 C as the temperature. I blink and I read it again. What the hell was I thinking setting the overnight temperature that low? Then I remember. In the spring when I last used the furnace it kept cutting in first thing in the morning. Then during the day the solar heating in the house would make it a bit too warm. So I adjusted the overnight low a bit lower to keep the furnace from cutting in too soon. So in my effort to be energy efficient I became cheap by forgetting to change the settings back. For more musings on this idea, check out Mr. Cheap’s post.

On the Universe: I try to keep my life in a sense of balance. Not too much of anything, to ensure I don’t go off the deep end with anything (ie: get so obsessed about personal finance that I write a blog about it and read tons of articles…nuts I’m a bit late there). In order to prove my point I came up with a good idea to humble just about anyone. If you took the entire planet of Earth and had it crash into the sun the net change the mass and energy balance to the universe would be approximately 0.00000000000000001%. So next time your on a ego trip do reminded yourself part of being happy is being just a little bit humble about yourself and your place in the world.

And Everything: Perhaps one of the more unexpected things that have occurred while writing this blog has been the relationships I’ve built with people I’ve never met in person. I wrote my “No Post Today” more out of courtesy, so you all didn’t think I died or something when there was no post. I decided to use the word ‘excited’ to assure everyone that nothing bad has happened. I really never expected the faintest interest from any of you. So thank you for your patience during this. I’m really not trying to be mysterious and I promise to have a nice long post on Monday to explain it all (Chris – all right, call me a tease if you must).

Have a good weekend,


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