Upcoming Vacation and Idea

Well folks, sorry for not having your regular wandering reading post this week. I’ve been very busy lately as I’m trying to clean things up so I can head out on my vacation for the next two weeks starting on this Sat.

The good news is I got someone to look after this blog next week while I’m gone. Frugal Trader from Million Dollar Journey has agreed to look after things. I’m putting together several posts so next week you will have interviews from J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly and the Money Diva from A Canadian and Her Money plus what ever else FT wants to use out of my list of draft posts. If you ask nicely he might even write a guest post for you all.

The week after next, I’ll be around somewhat. So that week the posts may be a bit erratic as I’m planning on doing some renovations around the house.

Now that you are all informed about my vacation plans, I’ve got an idea I want to run pass you my loyal readers. I’ve been approached to be part of a group blog on personal finance, since this is only in the idea stage, I’m not going to name with whom. Yet if I joined the group blog I would likely stop posting here and merge this blog into the group one. The idea would be to provide great posts from several writers on a wide world of personal finance all on one blog. You would still get posts daily, but I would likely drop back to just three posts a week. So what I would like from you is your opinions on the idea. Do you love it, hate it, or don’t care as long as I don’t stop writing somewhere? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Vacation and Idea”

  1. CD,

    IF you are going to do the group blog thing, I would advise that you keep your current blog also. I think that if the group blog gets big, your own blog could benefit from the traffic that you could refer over.

  2. Yah, I was going to get MDJ to look after my blog too but I’m afraid he’ll steal all my brilliant ideas!!

    Haha, just kidding. That’s admirable of you to post on holiday – I was planning to just not post for my holidays.

    I think the group blog idea is a good one – kind of similar idea to a ShortDaBull type of site except not everyone can post. I always thought that a shared blog would be a better way to go for a lot of bloggers who don’t want to post frequently.

    Some bloggers are too busy and others like to write longer, indepth posts which take a lot more time so a shared blog could work quite well to keep traffic up regardless of how often each blogger posts.

    You could try keeping your current blog but that might be pretty tough. Personally it doesn’t matter to me where your posts are located as long as I get to read them. This is probably a dumb question but can you put your posts on both blogs? Or maybe put the intro to each post on this blog with a link to the shared blog?


  3. LOL, Mike you figured out my master plan!!

    CD, I would recommend that you not post duplicate articles on both blogs as it will affect SEO ratings with google. Duplicate content is a no no with them.

    Mike, yes, a shared blog can be a great idea. Esp if you have a group of strong writers with a lot of knowledge. Could be a big traffic draw. Kinda like a newspaper with a bunch of authors.

  4. I don’t mind the idea of a group blog but then I would like to see individual RSS feeds offered up by author and category so that if for example I was only interested in budgets I could avoid investment advise or if I don’t like the other writers I could just subscribe to your feed.

    I can see how if all the writers are strong it could be very interesting to have more in depth posts and discussions. If it gets big you might even consider opening up forums or user submitted questions/ideas for discussion/comment by all.

    Personally I’m not to concerned about the frequency of posts issue, I read what comes up and I don’t mind if there are days between I’m more drawn to a quality article.

    Bottom line is if it helps you as a blogger to lessen the load, work more productively as a team, and maybe increase your traffic I’d say go for it.

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