The Sky is What?

My wife complains that I’m too sound of a sleeper. I can sleep through any short of a nuclear explosion, with the exception of my kid crying for more than five seconds. Don’t ask why I wake up for my kid, because I don’t know other than perhaps some sort of primitive look after offspring instinct that lay buried in me until I had a kid. Anyways, apparently I can also sleep through a minor market correction. I didn’t realize the TSX had three bad days of trading recently until the Moneygardener mentioned it in his blog which I finally read last night.
My selective ignorance plan is working very well. Case in point. Look at a one month chart for the TSX.

Ok, a fairly big shift, then change to the five year view. Can you even see the correction at this level?

Yes, but looking back there has been a hell of a lot worse. Therefore, it is nothing to worry about.

When the sky is falling burying your head a little under the sand will keep you happily asleep until the big parts start falling in and wake you up so you can truly decide if it is important to deal with.

3 thoughts on “The Sky is What?”

  1. Last year during the correction in Apr-June, I was incredibly busy with an insane amount of things. I think I knew the market wasn’t doing well but I really didn’t care. Which is probably a good thing!


  2. Mike,

    It does help you sleep at night not knowing everything about the markets.

    Mr. Cheap,

    Buying opportunities require cash that I’m not prepared to add at this time, but not a bad idea.


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