Book Review: Spend Smarter Save Bigger

I was recently sent a copy of Spend Smarter Save Bigger by Margot Bai which I just finished reading and I have to say it is the best general personal finance book I have ever read.

Overall Margot’s book is just full of practical ideas that everyone can use and she explains everything in very basis terms that anyone could understand. She covers life insurance, buying a house, getting a mortgage, buying a car, car insurance, index investing, RRSP’s and their role in retirement. She even manages to squeeze in a brief section on estimating your savings for retirement and RESP’s.

I find most books tend to ignore certain things like the psychology of how people view their money. Margot uses her degree in psychology to really examine in some cases the our excuses around things and calmly cuts through our internal bullsh!t.

I also noticed in her recommended reading section a number of books that I have read and enjoyed as well such as Stop Working by Derek Foster and Stop Working…Start Living by Dianne Nahirny.

Perhaps my only complaint about the book is the retirement saving section could have been longer, but with all the other great material she covers I really can’t fault her for keeping it short in the overall context of the book.

I would highly recommend to anyone that they go out and buy a copy of this book as it great addition to any home library for anyone who doesn’t win a copy of the book from me. Yes that’s right folks, I’m having a contest to win a copy of the book.

Win a copy of Spend Smarter, Save Bigger Contest. To enter please send me an email at before March 7th, 2007 at 7pm CST (You must send me an email to enter, I won’t accept just leaving a comment since I don’t require email address on my comments). Limit one entry per person. Only open to residents of Canada. The winner will be picked from a random number generator. Your email address will only be used to obtain the winners mailing address.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Spend Smarter Save Bigger”

  1. Thanks for the link back Mr. Dream!

    Great minds must think alike.. 😉


  2. Hello Canadian Dream,

    Thank you very much for your amazing review. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed my book.

    Thank you also for your giveaway contest – very classy! 🙂

    I love the concept of your blog – retiring by 45 is a secret dream of mine that I will only admit to here… Good for you for making it a goal and inspiring others to do the same!

    For your readers, chapters 1 & 2 of my book are available for free on my website at

    Keep saving!
    Margot Bai
    Author of Spend Smarter, Save Bigger

  3. Margot,

    Thanks for stopping by. Actually I enjoyed your book so much that I’m ordering my own copy to keep for myself.

    Ah, so you want to retire early as well! I thought I noticed a few references to financial independence in the book.

    Best of luck to you with the book.


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