Blogger Interviews Project

Later this month I’m planning a week long series of posts with interviews from various personal finance bloggers in Canada. So far the project is going along great, but I’m now one slot short of my original plan and I’m not sure who I should ask to fill in that slot.

So dear readers, here is your chance: which personal finance blogger would you like to see interviewed? Please leave a comment with your requests and I will try my best to get the blogger with the most votes.

3 thoughts on “Blogger Interviews Project”

  1. other than me …hmmm … 🙂

    I’d love to hear from Larry McDonald , Jon Chevreau, the Dividend Guy, Canadian Capitalist, Rob Carrick even if he’s not a blogger, Canajun Finance, The Frugal Canadian

  2. CMBR,

    I’ve got two people on your list and I’m trying to get two more.

    Thanks for your input,


  3. HI–I’m new here but my idea is that if you wish to retire early one of the easiest methods to stretch your current finances is to live where the costs are greatly reduced. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who earns an income from the internet that is even better. I have found too many individuals looking to make more money (which is hard in this economy) rather than reducing their big expenses–namely–housing and day to day costs! I know, I speak from experience. I moved to rural Panama, have 2 businesses and have a great life–for under $1200 per month!
    If you love the tropics, you’ll love what I do and I am happy to share it with you—free!
    Let’s not work harder–let’s work smarter.
    Jack aka Panamajack

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